A stroll through the centre of Poitiers

Poitiers City Guide

A stroll through the centre of Poitiers

Poitiers: a city to discover during your hotel stay

A Stroll Through The Centre Of Poitiers

The heart of Poitiers Old Town, located close to our ACE Hotel, has plenty of charm and interesting sites. A Romanesque capital, it bursts with architectural treasures. With its rich medieval past, a walk through town invites you to reverie. The Place de Liberté is a great place to start if you want to check the city’s pulse before getting lost in the pedestrianized streets that lead to Place Charles de Gaulle. The half-timbered houses and mansions are rivals in charm and are what give the shops, cafés, delicatessens, restaurants and patisseries their unique character. The historic town centre is also a prime example of Romanesque art. The Notre-Dame-la-Grande church and its extraordinary façade adorned with statuary is an important work of regional heritage. The sculptures depict the twelve apostles, the four prophets proclaiming the arrival of Christ, Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylonia, the Temptation of Adam and Eve leading to the fall of Man, and more: take the time to carefully explore this extraordinary façade.

Not to be missed in Poitiers town centre: 

  • La Grand’rue, always vibrant

  • L’hotel Fumé, rue Réné Descartes, a beautiful example of ostentatious Gothic architecture 

  • Les Polychromies de Notre Dame: every evening from 21 June to the Journées du Patrimoine celebrating local heritage in the 3rd weekend of September, and at Christmas, the Notre-Dame-La-Grande church transforms into a spectacle of light as night falls

  • Palais des Comtes de Poitou et Ducs d’Aquitaine, one of the most incredible examples of Middle Age architecture in France. 

Further information:
Office de Tourisme du Grand Poitiers
45, place Charles de Gaulle
BP 377 - 86009 Poitiers cedex