Golf de Mignaloux Beauvoir

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Golf de Mignaloux Beauvoir

Golf de Mignaloux: to discover during your stay at the hotel

Mignaloux-Beauvoir: for golf lovers

The Mignaloux-Beauvoir Golf Club is nestled in the heart of a 92-hectare wooded park at the gates of Poitiers. This 18-hole course is accessible to all players and offers wide fairways lined with remarkable trees. American red oaks, liquidambars, maples, redwoods, Himalayan pines, cypresses... the Mignaloux-Beauvoir Golf Course offers a most majestic setting. Take a break from nature and sport during your stay at ACE Hôtel Poitiers.

Found at: The Golf de Mignaloux Beauvoir is only 8 minutes away from ACE Hotel Poitiers

Golf de Mignaloux Beauvoir
635 route de Beauvoir
86550 Mignaloux Beauvoir