Maison Rannou Metivier

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Maison Rannou Metivier

Rannou Metivier: the must-eat during your hotel stay

Maison Rannou Metivier: Montmorillon Macaroon Heaven

Listed a “Living Heritage Company" the Maison Rannou Métivier located near ACE Hotel Poitiers, has for over two centuries and shrouded in the utmost secrecy, made gourmet delights that include the famous Montmorillon macaroon with its soft almond centre. Biting into this gourmet treat is like biting into the best that the history of French patisserie has to offer. Without wishing to encourage the sin of gluttony, Maison Rannou Métivier has also been recognised by the highly selective Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat as one of the best chocolate makers in France. Why hold back any longer?!

Found at: Maison Rannou Métivier is located a few minutes from our ACE Hotel Poitiers.

Maison Rannou Métivier
30 rue des Cordeliers
86000 Poitiers