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Tourteaux Jahan

Tourteaux Jahan: The Master Torteau

With its crusty, singed exterior, the ‘tourteau fromager’ (cheese roundel) is a Poitier patisserie that is not to be missed. The origin of this puffy dome dates back to before the French Revolution. The ‘tourteau fromager’ comes from the word “tourterie”, which means “cake” in the Poitiers dialect. Traditionally prepared for Easter until the middle of the XIX century to mark the renewal of spring, this cake is now eaten any time. Patrick Jounault may not reveal all his trade secrets, but prepares the cakes with love in his workshops every day, for our utter enjoyment. 

Found at: The shop is only 15 minutes away from our ACE Hotel Poitiers.

Tourteaux Jahan
1 rue Bessie Coleman
86000 Poitiers