Tourteaux Fromagés made by Maison Baillon

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Tourteaux Fromagés made by Maison Baillon

Maison Baillon: a must eat during your stay in Poitou

Maison Baillon : The specialist of Légendes du Poitou

With its crusty, singed exterior, the ‘tourteau fromagé’ (cheese roundel) is a Poitier patisserie that is not to be missed. The origin of this puffy dome dates back to before the French Revolution. The ‘tourteau fromagé’ comes from the word “tourterie”, which means “cake” in the Poitiers dialect. Traditionally prepared for Easter until the middle of the XIX century to mark the renewal of spring, this cake is now eaten any time. For more than 45 years, the Maison Baillon and its local pastry shop has been perpetuating tradition, without hesitating to shake up the codes to make your taste buds dance. A regional delight to discover during your escapade in Poitou.

Found at:
Maison Baillon
ZA La Mine d'Or
79170 Brioux-sur-Boutonne